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The FNST is the world's first indigenous snowboard team, founded in 2003 by Aaron Marchant and Stephen Park. It is run entirely by individuals from Indigenous communities who work with hundreds of Indigenous snowboarders across Canada, offering programs to help train and develop future athletes to become role models.  

The FNST gogglesoc has been created in conjunction with the First Nations Snowboard Team to commemorate and support this charity into the future.

100% of proceeds from the FNST soc will be donated to the First Nations Snowboard Team.

Learn more about the FNST riders here.

About the artist

This bespoke gogglesoc design has been donated by First Nations artist Xwalacktun.

It depicts an eagle rising up over wintery coast mountains. For First Nations people, the Eagle is a sacred being. It is said that when one soars above the land, the creator uses the eagle’s enhanced vision to look down upon his creation. When you see an eagle soaring overhead, it is suitable in First Nations culture to raise your hands with your palms open in a gesture of thanks.

It is said that the eagle represents first light; a new beginning. In the same way, the First Nations Snowboarding Team provides a healthy new beginning for many of its athletes through its programs across Canada. Help support this cause by purchasing your FNST gogglesoc and helping to enable this connection to continue into the future.

Check out more of Xwalacktun's work here

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to learn more about the FNST