Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean Up

Josh Gray |

Did you know that most of the waste found on Vancouver, BC beaches is left behind by local beach goers? Cigarette butts, needles, styrofoam takeout containers and coffee cups are constantly being left behind, creating safety hazards and destroying our environment. 

That's why our team at gogglesoc is heading down to a local Vancouver beach on July 27th to clean the shoreline. Keep reading for how to get involved!  

Why we're doing this?

We believe it’s cool to be kind and it’s good to be green - we actively invest in protecting winters and cleaning up the ocean. 70-80% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the ocean - we need to conserve it.

How to get involved:

Want to get your own group together? Head over to the Shoreline clean-up page to organize your own event or join one! 

Don't have time for a clean-up? Download the Save The Waves App to report any trash you see on the beach!