the original goggle cover made from recycled plastic bottles.

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gogglesoc x pow

gogglesoc has partnered with Protect Our Winters (POW) for the 2017/18 winter. Together we created the POW soc. 100% of profits generated from sales of the POW soc will go directly to Protect Our Winters to aid in their efforts to rally our community in the fight against climate change. 

Join the fight.

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So What is a gogglesoc?

Super simple - a gogglesoc is a protective cover for your goggles. Use it at Aprés, on the bus or anywhere else you take your goggles. The way it's designed means you can wear a gogglesoc even when you got your helmet on.

pack it up. pack it in.

The microfiber used to create each and every gogglesoc is made from recycled plastic bottles. We can't solve global warming alone, but by creating and sharing products like gogglesoc then, together, we can raise the awareness required to tackle these issues as a collective.

... and look darn good in the process.

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