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At gogglesoc, we've teamed up with extraordinary artists, both local and international, who share our passion for the great outdoors. While they all share the same deep connection with the mountains, their artistic styles are as diverse as the landscapes they love.

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  • Chris Benchetler

    Chris Benchetler is an artist and one of the most progressive backcountry skiers of all time. Originally from California, Chris has used the Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain as his playground from a young age. Chris possesses a truly distinctive artistic style, shaped by his life experiences, making his work truly exceptional.

  • Pat Milbery taking a picture

    Pat Milberry

    Pat is a renowned artist, snowboarder and designer based in Denver, Colorado. He is known for large-scale murals and for being the co-founder of art collective So-Gnar. His vivid street art adorns the walls of dozens of coffee shops, agencies, hotels, breweries, bars and other businesses across the country.

  • Nikki Frumkin

    Nikki Frumkin is an artist and alpinist from Seattle. Her work is inspired by time spent hiking, climbing and mountaineering in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Immersed in nature, Nikki weaves the energy of her outdoor adventures into watercolors, sharing the feeling of being amidst rugged peaks and wild landscapes.

  • Selfie of Hayley Stewart

    Hayley Stewart

    Meet Hayley Stewart, born and raised in Ontario, now living in Revelstoke. Hayley studied Fine Arts at OCAD in Toronto. As an outdoor enthusiast and an adrenaline junkie just like many of us here, Hayley loves snowboarding, dirt biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and most recently, kiteboarding.

  • Jonathan Besler

    Jonathan Besler is a landscape photographer and videographer from the Bavarian Alps in Germany. His photos and films are inspired by rugged mountains and terrain in their most sublime moments. Through his work, Jonathan is able to capture his home from his perspective and share his feelings in those moments of awe.

  • Linus Von Moos

    The work of Swiss artist Linus von Moos is characterised by a strong affinity for graffiti art and the beauty and diversity of nature. His unmistakable design language can be observed through his detailed representations, where he reproduces patterns, colors, and natural forms to create a world in which there is always something new to discover.

  • Thomas Lateur

    This man has a ruler and compass in his hands and palm trees in his head. Influenced by architecture and modular games, Thomas Lateur’s abstract paintings play with perspectives. For him, art is an opportunity to test assemblies and overlapping shapes, where lightness and fun prevail over a strict geometric grid.

  • Dede Johnston

    Dede Johnston is a fine art photographer and avid skier based in London, England and the French Alps who specializes in the Alpine environment. She uses the imagery from her photographs to design products such as tableware and clothing.


Chris Benchetler

Hailing from California, Chris Benchetler is one of the most recognized names in the world of skiing. As a professional skier, Chris has traveled the world and has featured in a number of films. However, Chris doesn't just draw lines down the mountain - he has taken his creativity to the canvas. Chris is now also a renowned artist and designer, his colorful nature-driven paintings earning him a number of high-profile brand collaborations. 

Benchetler Collection

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Artist FAQs

Who are the artists behind the gogglesoc designs?

We have partnered with a diverse range of talented local and international artists to bring you our special collection of gogglesocs. These artists are not only passionate about their craft but are also avid lovers of the outdoors. Each artist brings a unique style to the table, ensuring a distinct and beautiful design for every gogglesoc goggle cover.

How does gogglesoc support the artists?

By purchasing a gogglesoc cover from our artist collaboration series, you're directly supporting these local and international talents. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes back to the artists, ensuring they are fairly compensated for their work and creativity.

Can I commission an artist for a custom gogglesoc design?

Currently, the local artist designs available on our website are those created through our partnerships. If you're interested in commissioning an artist, we encourage you to reach out to the artist directly.  If you’d like to create a custom gogglesoc, drop us a message at Get your logo stamped on a soc with our Rookie Program (MOQ of 100 units) or go fully custom with our Pro Program (MOQ of 200 units). Contact to get started!

What's unique about the artist collaboration gogglesoc collection?

Unlike our standard collection, the artist collaboration gogglesoc features designs that reflect the personal style and inspirations of each artist. This means each gogglesoc in this series is not just a protective cover but also a piece of wearable art, letting you showcase your personal style while supporting these amazing artists.

How often are new artists and designs introduced to the collection?

We're always on the lookout for fresh and innovative artists to collaborate with. We consistently update our collection to bring new and exciting designs to our customers. Make sure to check back regularly or subscribe to our newsletter for updates!