gogglesoc x POW

gogglesoc x POW

Josh Gray |

At gogglesoc, we strongly believe that it's good to be green. That's why we've been working with Protect Our Winters (POW) since 2017. POW is a global non-profit focused on uniting the outdoor community in the crucial fight against climate change. Founded by snowboarder Jeremy Jones, POW believes that those who enjoy the outdoors the most would make the perfect allies in the fight to protect it. 

POW at Retail from gogglesoc on Vimeo.

gogglesoc supports the POW movement, having donated over $100K in cash and in-kind products to support the cause. We donate $5 from each gogglesoc sold online and $1 for every POW gogglesoc sold at retail, (where our margins are smaller) directly to POW chapters across the globe. 

We're stoked that the POW gogglesoc has been one of the most popular items on our e-commerce store! 

We also donate $1 from every gogglesoc in our Ming Poon collaboration to POW. Check out all offerings here and help us protect our winters!