Now available at REI

Now available at REI

Josh Gray |

After gogglesoc took REI by storm this past winter, we’re stoked to announce that sunnysoc - the protective eyewear pouch, has just launched on, outdoor equipments and accessories specialists.


sunnysoc, is not your average sunglass case. The perfect alternative to the bulky hardcase and flimsy drawstring bag, it merges function with personality. With a convenient carabiner clip and built-in lens cloth, it will soon become your number 1 adventure buddy. You won't need another sunglass case again.

Why sunnysoc? 

• Ultra-protective while remaining lightweight and foldable
• Made from recycled plastic bottles (1 bottle per sunnysoc)
• Built-in lens cleaning cloth
• Carabiner attached 
• Secure popping clasp

Designs available at REI:

mountains sunnysoc

aurora sunnysoc

hawaiian sunnysoc

camper sunnysoc

galactic sunnysoc


happy camper sunnysoc

Head over to, the one stop shop for your summer essentials. Shop sunnysoc on REI here!