Smith x Brooklyn Bell gogglesoc: Meet Brooklyn

Smith x Brooklyn Bell gogglesoc: Meet Brooklyn

Josh Gray |

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Brooklyn Bell embodies the essence of an athlete, an artist, and an outdoor enthusiast. Raised amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, she found her passion for outdoor activities through hiking and running. These experiences opened the door to a vibrant outdoor culture, leading her to explore skiing, climbing, and mountain biking – and that's just the beginning of her adventurous pursuits.

What inspires your art?
So many things inspire my art. I think those moments with friends where you're in the mountains, listening to the right song at the right time. It's hard not to draw inspiration from those feelings.

Is there a connection between your love of the outdoors and your journey as an artist?
Art has always been a way of exploring who I want to be in the future. It's helped me create the road map of what play and adventure looks like to me.

Is there an activity you do that inspires your creativity?
What usually inspires creativity is going out on a long tour or listening to a good song.

Do you like to express your own creativity through your choice of outerwear/ accessories?
I definitely express myself outwardly much more than I used to. When I first started skiing and biking, I couldn't afford good gear. Art has been an outlet for me to be stylish without buying or consuming things. Right now I have a bright red jacket and I love how electric it makes me feel when I ski.

What feeling do you want to evoke through your art?
I want my artwork to be calming, pretty and also challenging at the same time.

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