Our interactive Digital Trade Show booth

Our interactive Digital Trade Show booth

Josh Gray |

Trade show cancelled? Not to worry - we have the answer. We’re stoked to finally unveil our answer to the covid hit trade show season - our fully interactive digital trade show booth.

 Enter the Digital Trade show booth

Ever seen a video with buttons before? This cutting edge tech allows you to click on & skip sections to learn about the parts most relevant and exciting to you, in a unique and immersive way!

What is a trade show? 

It’s an opportunity for our retailers to learn about the brand, see product lines, ask the questions they want answers to quickly and to see what’s new. 


With 2020 being our biggest year of growth, we didn’t want to by-pass the opportunity to showcase this. gogglesoc started in 2016, as a single product company in a product category that we created - goggle covers. Today, we’re proud that we have become the number one eyewear accessories brand.



“In the NPD data, there was one accessory item that is selling like crazy for specialty retailers. The gogglesoc...was the No 1 selling item in the category by a landslide”

We are committed to building our category and ensuring our retailers see the sell-through that we promise. In fact, last year speciality retailers sold $5.9 million worth of gogglesocs. To put that in perspective, the entire category of goggle accessories had $7.7million in sales. 

Check out the video to see what our retailers have to say for themselves! Including why “gogglesoc is one of the best money-makers per square-foot of retail space.”

We’ve also introduced new products (both of which are made from recycled PET)

sunnysoc: the protective eyewear pouch, and visorsoc: protecting those larger visor- helmet lenses from getting scratched.

Our priorities have remained from day one: to create products with a simple, functional design at an approachable price point that keeps the planet in mind.


What does our digital trade show do?

Our interactive video allows you to steer the conversation. By clicking on the buttons, you can tailor the experience to your needs and get to the bits that you care about. Want to go straight to ordering? Sure. Want to learn about our entire product portfolio instead? No problem. We have provided a wealth of info for this purpose. 

We have even provided subtitles in 5 languages, so that it is equally suitable for each of our global B2B customers.  


Hit play now and click through to discover:

  • sunnysoc - brand new product launching APRIL 1
  • Premium merchandising options - produced sustainably and provided free
    of charge to all retailers!
  • Our latest artist series: Chris Benchetler x gogglesoc Collection
  • Our commitment to ensuring superior sell through through grassroots marketing initiatives
  • and much much more... 


How does it compare to a conventional trade show? 

Pros: you can learn about our brand from the comfort of your own home (we won’t judge you for wearing your PJs). 
Cons: you can’t touch the products or join us for a beer after the show (we’re good, but we’re not that good).
Click HERE to check it out!