A Brief History of the Goggle Cover: Evolution and Innovation

A Brief History of the Goggle Cover: Evolution and Innovation

Josh Gray |

Where it all began…

The history of the goggle cover is intertwined with the exhilarating world of winter sports, where every slope conquered is a triumph and every descent is an adventure waiting to unfold. Born out of necessity, the gogglesoc goggle cover made its debut as a humble ski goggle protector, guarding goggle lenses from the perils of snow, scratches, and the ever-changing moods of winter.

A Practical Invention Meets Stylish Expression

gogglesoc goggle cover with mountain and sunset graphic

Yet, the snow goggle cover was destined for greatness beyond its practical origins. It didn't take long for skiers, snowboarders, and fellow snow enthusiasts to recognize its potential as a canvas for self-expression. With bold and colorful designs, intricate patterns, and eye-catching graphics, the goggle cover transformed into a statement piece on the slopes. It became more than an accessory; it was a declaration of personality and style.

Innovation Redefined: A Brand Born of Frustration

Amidst this evolution, a brand emerged from the heart of winter sports passion. In 2016, a group of snow enthusiasts, tired of battling scratched goggle lenses, decided that a better solution was needed. Their frustration fueled a journey of innovation that would forever change the way snow lovers protect their goggles and eyewear. After rigorous product testing, they emerged victorious with the creation of the ultimate goggle cover – the gogglesoc. Crafted from stretchy microfiber, it was designed to safeguard goggles when not in use, seamlessly merging functionality and style.


ski touring in the mountains with a gogglesoc goggle cover

Developing the Solution

From a basement in Whistler, the gogglesoc was born. It wasn't just an accessory; it was a solution to a common problem faced by winter sports enthusiasts. The vision was clear: protect expensive goggle lenses in style. The gogglesoc is more than just a goggle case or goggle lens cover… it’s been carefully designed to be compatible with all ski goggles and ski helmets.

Heritage Meets Innovation: A Brand's Journey

The brand's heritage is deeply rooted in innovation, a response to the challenges faced by snow lovers on the slopes. Today, the gogglesoc isn't just a product; it's a symbol of a brand that values both the rich heritage of winter sports and the relentless pursuit of progress. 

Since the triumphant launch of the gogglesoc, the brand has continued to evolve, expanding its product range to cater to organized adventurers who demand top-notch gear protection as they explore the mountains.

Evolutions Beyond the Gogglesoc:

sunnysoc sunglass case being used to protect sunglass lens

  • Sunnysoc: A soft sunglass pouch designed to keep your shades safe in style.
  • Sunnystring: An adjustable eyewear retainer that ensures your glasses stay secure during your snowy escapades.

The journey of the goggle cover is not just a history lesson; it's a testament to the spirit of innovation, the love for winter sports, and the dedication to protecting the gear that enables us to conquer the slopes with confidence. We’re constantly looking to create more products that will keep your gear in place and your adventures on track. Watch this space!