Adventure-Ready Eyewear Accessories

About us

Enhance your outdoor adventures with innovative, functional, reliable gear that reflects your personality (and actually works!). Sustainability is at the core of our brand DNA, because we’re committed to protecting our beloved playground - the great outdoors.

Custom Gear

Boost your brand's image with our custom gogglesocs and sunnysocs, thoughtfully designed with the planet in mind and expertly crafted from recycled bottles.

Created by GOGGLESOC APPAREL LIMITED, the floral sunnysoc is one of our signature sunnysoc's. The floral sunnysoc is available throughout Canada and North America from dedicated stockists or online.

Let's get your custom adventure gear started!

We've got two programs available for you and your brand to, check out which ones suits you best.

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Why choose gogglesoc Products?

Why gogglesoc?

gogglesoc goggle cover is your goggle's best friend! Built using recycled materials, our goggle lens cover is designed to protect your eyewear from the elements. Say goodbye to scratches and smudges and hello to adventure-ready lenses.

Why sunnysoc?

sunnysoc sunglass case is the ultimate sidekick for the organized explorer. Made using recycled materials and equipped with a built-in lens cloth, our sunglass pouch shields your shades from scratches and dust.

Why sunnystring?

Meet the world’s best-looking eyewear retainer (we’re not biased)! Crafted for adventurers, sunnystring keeps your sunglasses secure and on hand. With a one-size-fits-all design and made from recycled plastic bottles, there’s a lot to love about this sunglass string.

Why visorsoc?

visorsoc is the guardian of your snow visor! It’s built using recycled materials and it’s designed to protect your visor from scratches and all that life throws at you. It's a must-have for any visor-using skier or snowboarder who wants to keep their visor in tip-top condition.