Guide to the Best Swim Spots on the Sea to Sky Highway

Guide to the Best Swim Spots on the Sea to Sky Highway

Jasmin Spence |

Did you know that the story of gogglesoc all began in a cabin by a lake in Whistler? While we've moved beyond those cabin walls, our connection with Whistler and the Sea to Sky highway remains strong. Looking for a place to cool down this summer? We've got the low down on the ultimate swim spots...

Here are some of the best swim spots along the route:

  1. Porteau Cove: This is a popular spot for both swimming and diving. The clear waters of Porteau Cove make it a great place to take a dip and enjoy the ocean. Keep an ear out for the Sea Lions!

  2. Alice Lake Provincial Park: A favorite among Squamish locals. Alice lake offers sandy beaches and clear freshwater for swimming. The park also has picnic areas and some fun biking and hiking trails, making it a perfect spot for a day trip.

  3. Brohm Lake: While not directly on the Sea to Sky Highway, Brohm Lake is a short drive from the highway and is a favorite among locals. The lake is surrounded by beautiful forested areas and offers opportunities for swimming, canoeing, and picnicking.

  4. Shannon Falls Provincial Park: While swimming at the base of the falls isn't recommended due to safety concerns, Shannon Falls Park has a natural pool area downstream where visitors can cool off.

  5. Britannia Beach: This area is known for its historical significance and the Britannia Mine Museum, but it also has a small beach area where you can relax by the water.

  6. Furry Creek Beach: This beach offers stunning views and relatively calm waters, making it a nice spot for a swim.

  7. Squamish Spit: The Spit is a popular kiteboarding and windsurfing location, but it also has areas where you can swim and relax along the shoreline.

  8. Porteau Cove Provincial Park: In addition to the diving opportunities, Porteau Cove also offers a beach area for swimming and sunbathing.

  9. The Whistler Lakes: Whistler has 5 main lakes. Alta Lake, Alpha Lake, Nita Lake, Green Lake and Lost Lake. All of these lakes have their own designated parks and docks which make them perfect for swimming. 

Stay safe out there - remember to exercise caution when swimming in natural bodies of water and be aware of local regulations and safety guidelines. Water conditions can change, and it's always a good idea to check for any advisories or warnings before heading out.

Planning to scout out some of these spots? Don't forget to pick up a sunnystring to keep your sunglasses in place or a sunnysoc to keep them safe and smudge-free!