Protect Your Investment: Essential Tips for Goggle Care and Maintenance

gogglesoc protective goggle cover on a two pairs of goggles

Jasmin Spence |

Whether you're carving through fresh powder or navigating icy slopes, your ski or snowboard goggles are essential for clear vision and safety on the mountain. However, without proper care and maintenance, goggles can be wrecked pretty quickly. From protecting the lens to preventing fogging, here's everything you need to know about maintaining your goggles and why gogglesoc goggle cover should be your go-to accessory for goggle care.

Maintenance and Care:

  1. Protective Storage: After a day on the slopes, store your goggles with gogglesoc on. Avoid letting the lens touch any surface by always placing them facing up.

  2. Gentle Cleaning: Never use paper products, gloves, or abrasive materials to clean your goggles. Instead, use a lens cloth or gogglesoc to gently remove dirt and debris.

  3. Careful Lens Changes: When changing lenses, ensure your hands are clean and dry. 

  4. Avoid Wiping Inside Lens: Touching the inside lens when wet can damage the anti-fog coating. Never wipe the inside of the lens.

Ways to Avoid Fogging:

  1. Start Dry: Ensure your goggles are thoroughly dry after each use to prevent fogging.

  2. Avoid Forehead Resting: Perspiration and snow on your forehead can lead to fogging. Avoid resting the goggles on your forehead.

  3. Mind Your Facemask: Tucking your facemask or neck warmer into the goggles can introduce hot air and cause fogging.

  4. Shake Out Moisture: If moisture collects inside the goggles, shake out the excess rather than wiping the lens when wet. Allow time for them to dry.

  5. Maintain Airflow: Clear snow from vents to ensure proper airflow, helping to prevent fogging.

Why gogglesoc?

  • Protective Cover: gogglesoc is your goggle's best friend, providing protection from scratches and smudges with its goggle protective cover.

  • Responsible Design: Built using recycled materials, gogglesoc not only protects your goggles but also minimizes environmental impact.

  • Convenient Cleaning: Doubles as a lens cloth for cleaning the outside of your goggles, ensuring clear vision on the slopes.

  • Helmet Compatible: Compatible with helmets, gogglesoc ensures both safety and style on the mountain.

  • Easy On, Easy Off: With hassle-free application and removal, gogglesoc makes goggle care effortless.

Conclusion: Your goggles are more than just eyewear; they're essential gear for your mountain adventures. By following these maintenance tips and incorporating gogglesoc into your routine, you can prolong the life of your goggles and ensure clear vision every time you hit the slopes. Protect your investment and enjoy the mountains with confidence.