Chopstick Merchandise Displays

Chopstick Merchandise Displays

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Did You Know?
Our retail display stands are made from up to 14,000 recycled chopsticks!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We work with retailers around the world and as a brand, we're constantly thinking of ways to work sustainably and reduce waste.

By redirecting single use waste from entering into landfill and repurposing garbage waste into usable items, we are able to source materials sustainably and slow down the bourdon that single use products place on the planet.

Our gogglesocs

At gogglesoc, we've recently turned this thinking towards our merchandise displays. With thousands of amazing retail relationships around the world, we are always thinking of ways to bring value. 

We are proud to announce that we now manufacture our display stands from recycled chopsticks, right here Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In Vancouver alone, 90,000 chopsticks are sent to landfill each day. Our supplier @chopvalue to engineer a one of a kind merchandise display that gives a new life to these once single use utensils and turns them into usable products.


So How Does It Work?

Chopsticks are collected from local restaurants in Vancouver. 

Collected Chopsticks in Vancouver, BC, Canada
They are cleaned
Cleaned Chopsticks
Baked with resin
Baked with resin
Compressed under high heat into tiles
Compressed Chopsticks

These tiles form the raw material used to transform the chopsticks into a variety of products...Shaped into almost anything!

...Including our displays. 
Fantastic Merchandise Displays

Each display recycles hundreds and in some cases, thousands of chopsticks. What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below. 

What Displays Do You Make?

Small Counter Display - 325 Chopsticks Repurposed

Large Counter Display - 600 Chopsticks Repurposed

Display Stands - 14,000 Chopsticks Repurposed


Want to start selling gogglesocs with chopvalue merchandise displays? Maybe you wish to top up on your existing soc stock or get your chopsticks on a chopvalue display? Click our chopsticks to learn more 🥢


Work with our graphic designers to make your own design (minimum order quantity: 100 units). Learn more about custom orders here.

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