Life Before and After Your First gogglesoc

Life Before and After Your First gogglesoc

Josh Gray |

2016 - The Pre-gogglesoc Era (aka BG)

Life before the gogglesoc goggle cover was like a ski run without snow – a little barren and very stressful. Remember those days? Constantly fretting over your goggles, hoping they wouldn’t get scratched or dinged in your bag. It was a precarious balancing act of worrying and wishing for that magical solution.

Enter gogglesoc - A Revelation

Cue the gogglesoc goggle cover! 2016 was the year when a team of bright blokes in Whistler, tired of scratched goggles, decided to craft a game-changer. From basement brainstorming to product testing, the gogglesoc emerged – a stretchy, protective goggle cover that was about to change the goggle game forever.

Life After gogglesoc 

Fast forward to the present day. Your first encounter with the gogglesoc was like a breath of fresh mountain air. Suddenly, your goggles were protected, snugly wrapped in their own cozy microfiber shield whenever they weren’t on your face. No more worrying about accidental scratches or beer-related mishaps! 

The gogglesoc Goes Global

Since that game-changing moment, the gogglesoc has evolved into a global sensation. The team has grown, and the gogglesoc brand? Oh, it's ventured far beyond just goggle protection. We believe that no lens should be left behind and we've since launched our visorsoc visor cover, our sunnysoc sunglass pouch, our sunnycase hard sunglass case and finally, our sunnystring eyewear retainer.

Embrace the gogglesoc Revolution

Remember life before your gogglesoc? Stressful, uncertain, and a bit scratchy, right? Now, life’s a whole lot cooler, laid-back, and protected. gogglesoc isn't just a cover; it’s every skier, snowboarder, hiker, biker and adventure-enthusiasts best friend!