The Benefits of sunnysoc: Elevate Your Eyewear Care

sunnysoc sunglass and eyewear case on in the forest by a mountain bike

Josh Gray |

When it comes to your favourite shades or glasses, keeping them safe and well-maintained is a priority. Enter sunnysoc – the sunglass case and eyeglass case that's transforming eyewear care into an art form. Whether you’re a hiker, biker, paddle boarder or relax-er, sunnysoc is a complete gamechanger. Let's delve into the benefits of sunnysoc, an ingenious accessory that's here to elevate your eyewear experience. 

Love Your Lenses

Your sunglasses and glasses deserve more than just a standard case – they need to be kept scratch-free, accessible and safe. sunnysoc is carefully designed to be the ultimate sunglass pouch for savvy adventurers. With its soft shell sunglass case, it offers a cozy yet sturdy home for your eyewear. The soft shell not only cushions against impacts but also helps prevent scratches and smudges. Say goodbye to those dreaded moments of finding your shades tangled in your bag or covered in fingerprints.

Sustainability is Sexy

At gogglesoc, we’re passionate about creating products responsibly. We’re committed to using recycled materials. This doesn't just reduce waste; it also contributes to the conservation of our planet's resources. Protecting your eyewear while also protecting the environment? It's a win-win.

Built-In Lens Cloth: A Game-Changer

Here's where sunnysoc truly shines – its built-in lens cloth. No more searching for a separate cloth to wipe away smudges. sunnysoc comes with a convenient, integrated lens cloth that's always ready to bring your lenses back to their crystal-clear glory.

sunnysoc softshell sunglass and eyewear case clipped on to a bag for travelling and accessibility

Why Choose sunnysoc:

Clip and Go: The built-in carabiner offers on-the-go convenience. Perfect for hikers, mountain bikers, climbers and watersports lovers.

Premium Protection: Safeguard your eyewear from scratches, impacts, and the chaos of everyday life.

Sustainable: Flaunt your shades with a clear conscience, knowing you're supporting sustainable practices.

Lens Love at Your Fingertips: Experience the convenience of a built-in lens cloth that ensures perfect clarity at all times.

More Than a Case: sunnysoc is more than a sunglass pouch; it's a statement of your commitment to eyewear care.

For All Your Eyewear: Whether it's sunglasses, prescription glasses, or readers, sunnysoc has your eyewear covered.

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