The Halloween Chronicles: Unmasking the Legends Behind Our Spookiest socs

The Halloween Chronicles: Unmasking the Legends Behind Our Spookiest socs

Jasmin Spence |

Hey there, fellow thrill-seekers, welcome to a spine-tingling journey through the eerie folklore that inspired our Halloween-themed gogglesocs! Prepare to be spellbound as we unveil the mysterious histories of Sasquatch, Howler, Cyclops, and the Zombie—each a legendary creature that has haunted our imaginations for centuries.

1. Sasquatch AKA Bigfoot: A Gentle Giant

Imagine the dense forests of North America, shrouded in mist. Deep within, the enigmatic Sasquatch roams. Native American legends speak of this gentle giant, a guardian spirit of the wild. Despite blurry photographs and countless sightings, Sasquatch remains the ultimate mystery—a chilling legend that sends shivers down your spine. Fascinated by bigfoot? You need the sasquatch gogglesoc goggle cover!

bigfoot, also known as sasquatch. This create is featured as a design on the gogglesoc goggle cover.

2. The Wolf: Night's Lonesome Howler 

Under the ghostly moon, the distant howl of a wolf echoes through the night. Across cultures, wolves have been both feared and revered. In Native American folklore, they're spirit guides, creatures of the night with an air of mystery. That haunting howl? It’s a reminder that in the darkness, unseen eyes watch, and ancient legends come alive. Searching for your pack? You need the howler gogglesoc goggle protector. 

wolf in the mountains, as seen on the gogglesoc goggle cover.

3. Cyclops: He's Got His Eye on You...

Journey back to ancient Greece, where tales of Cyclops, one-eyed giants, were whispered in fear. These mythical creatures, with their single eye, were both fearsome and fascinating. Sailors dreaded crossing paths with them. In the flickering candlelight, their stories still chill the bravest of hearts—a spine-tingling reminder of the unknown. Want an extra eye to help scope out your powder line? You need the cyclops gogglesoc.

cyclops as seen in greek mythology. The gogglesoc goggle gov

4. Zombie: The Walking Dead

From the depths of voodoo traditions to the modern silver screen, the concept of the zombie has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Originating in Haitian folklore, zombies were said to be reanimated corpses brought back to life by powerful sorcery. Today, they stagger through popular media as relentless, brain-hungry ghouls, embodying our deepest fears of mortality and the unknown. Looking to have a dead good time? You need the zombie gogglesoc cover.

zombies, as shown on the gogglesoc goggle cover.

As Halloween descends upon us, these legendary creatures come to life through our gogglesocs, each pair telling a story as old as time. Whether you're donning the Sasquatch, Howler, Cyclops, or Zombie-inspired gogglesoc goggle covers, remember the rich histories and spooky tales behind these designs.