What are the Blank Collective athletes' favourite sunnysocs?

What are the Blank Collective athletes' favourite sunnysocs?

Josh Gray |

Don't just take it from us! We obviously think sunnysoc is the perfect adventure buddy. Not your average sunglasses case, sunnysoc's lens cloth, carabiner and pocket-friendly protection make it easy to take along on all your mountain biking, golfing, hiking and beach adventures. 

The Blank Collective athletes and owners, Stan Rey and Alexi Godbout and Director Jeff Thomas, all love their sunnysocs too! Here are their favourites and why! We doubt they'll be picking up another sunglass case again...

Stan Rey - Professional Athlete & Filmmaker - canuck sunnysoc 

"The sunnysoc makes it easy to keep my sunglasses safe when I throw them in my bag. It also gives my sunglasses a home which makes it way easier to find them in a flashy sunnysoc. Trust me this is coming from a guy who loses sunglasses like it's his job. Oh ya and the Canuck sunnysoc lets people know I’m Canadian eh."

Alexi Godbout - Professional Athlete & Filmmaker - ink sunnysoc 

"I've had many sunglasses cases in the past and nothing equals to the sunnysoc. Easy and fast to use even with gloves on, which is key on cold winter days."

Jeff Thomas - Producer, Director & Cinematographer - happy camper sunnysoc

"The sunnysoc is like a multi-tool. It doesn't just protect my sunnies but I use it as a phone case, a garmin in-reach case, a lens & camera cloth, and small storage solution for camera bits. I'm a big fan of the Happy Camper because when I'm standing in the cold filming or walking around the forest working, I daydream of becoming a surf cinematographer living in a camper at the beach."


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