Where are gogglesocs produced?

Our eco-friendly gogglesoc factory

Josh Gray |

At gogglesoc, we take sustainability seriously. We believe it's not how products are made that counts, it's how. 

That's why we chose to work with an eco-conscious supplier. They reduce waste at every stage of the production process.

Here's how: 

Water purification

The facility has its own water filtering system, which cleans rain and ground water for usage when needed in the factory.

water purification system

Solar power 

Power demand is minimised by the building design. Huge skylights allow for daylight harvesting and there is also an onsite solar farm!


The facility’s generator is run on biodiesel from cooking oil provided by local restaurants.

solo powered

Repurposing waste material 

The facility looks to minimize waste by reusing scrap fabric to produce other products that are distributed throughout the world. 

 To find out more about our good to be green initiatives, please visit our website