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"Protected my kid’s new ski goggles this past season, simple enough to use that they actually put them on their goggles, we liked it so much I bought two more"

K. Banker

Verified Buyer

"These protect my goggle lens like a bulletproof vest! Not a vest that would actually stop a bullet but more like a thin piece of cloth. It works as well as a thin piece of cloth, which is what I was looking for. Buy one and see for yourself."

Kyle Perteet

Verified Buyer

"Best $15 I’ve spent on ski gear yet. They protect my lens in the case and then I don’t put finger prints on them putting on my helmet. I don’t have to remove goggle to protect lens, just put the sock back on it."


Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a gogglesoc fit on my goggles?

You bet! A gogglesoc is like the Swiss Army knife of goggle covers – one size fits "most." Our snow goggle covers are designed to fit a wide range of goggle sizes and styles. The flexible material allows for a secure fit, keeping your goggles safe and scratch-free during your adventures.

When it comes to the little adventurers aged 5 and under, we recommend holding off on purchasing a gogglesoc, as gogglesoc may not fit quite right on smaller goggles.

What is a gogglesoc made from?

All gogglesocs are made from 88% rPET and 12% spandex. Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (or rPET for short) is manufactured using post consumer recycled plastic bottles.
We include spandex in the manufacture of our products to give gogglesocs a stretchy feel that allows them to 'cling' snugly to your goggles.

Is a gogglesoc suitable for cleaning my lens?

Yes! The microfiber fabric we use is ideal for cleaning and protecting your lens from scratches. However, note that when cleaning your goggle lens, you should avoid wiping the inside, as this surface features an anti-fog coating.

How is a gogglesoc better/different than a goggle bag?

Unlike a goggle bag, the gogglesoc protects your goggle when it is on your head or on your helmet.

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