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We’re super excited to be partnered with The Venture Out Project.

The Venture Out Project is a nonprofit that was established to make the outdoors more accessible and welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community.

The outdoors is a very special place which offers a sanctuary from the modern world. Whether you hike, bike, camp or simply spend time in nature, you’ll be familiar with the peace that can be found in wild spaces. 

Access to these spaces and the pure joy, peace and community that can come from time spent in them should be universal. The long and short of it is, it’s not. There’s a massive issue with representation in the outdoor space. Here’s where the awesome work of TVOP comes in…

How It Started

The outdoors had always been a place where Perry Cohen found comfort, inspiration and joy. It enabled him to feel proud of what his body could do and where it could take him. As he navigated his own transition, Perry wanted others to feel, even if just for a moment, grateful for their bodies and where they could take them.

In 2014, Perry traded his corporate office for a backpack and a dream. He set out to merge his personal passion and professional aspirations by creating an outdoor adventure outfitter by and for queer people, now known as The Venture Out Project.

How It's Going

Since it was founded in 2014, the project has grown exponentially. What started as a few backpacking trips each year has turned into a nationally recognized nonprofit supporting LGBTQ+ community building and challenge-based personal development outdoors, having led over 50 adventures for upwards of 500 LGBTQ+ participants from across the globe. 

Their Mission?

To provide a safe and fun space for queer, trans, and LGBTQ+ people to experience the outdoors.

To provide education and support that helps schools and organizations affirm their LGBTQ+ community members.

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