The Ocean Has the Power to Reverse Climate Change

SeaTrees directly supports communities and scientists who protect and regenerate coastal ecosystems which can be up to 5-10X more effective than rainforests at removing carbon from the air.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with SeaTrees, a pioneering organization dedicated to restoring blue carbon coastal ecosystems worldwide.

As a global brand, we proudly support two impactful projects: one in San Diego, California, and the other in Mallorca, Spain.

By choosing initiatives close to home for our customers, we hope to make a local impact on a global issue. These projects actively sequester carbon, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Retail orders of 100+ units = 10$ donated
Online orders of 4+ units = 5$ donated

We’re Proud to Be Supporting...


Mallorca, Spain

SeaTrees and The Cleanwave Foundation have joined forces to restore seagrass and algae in Mallorca, Spain, Their initial project at Formentor spans 53,820 square feet. Through actions such as debris removal, community education, and advocacy for a sustainable blue economy, they are making a significant impact. Collaborating closely with local authorities, the initiative also involves the installation of eco-friendly mooring equipment. This effort, alongside contributing to the restoration of seagrass habitats worldwide, also serves as a valuable carbon sink and aids in carbon sequestration.

Why Seagrass?

Seagrass plays a crucial role in both carbon sequestration and the well-being of coastal communities. These underwater meadows not only contribute significantly to carbon storage but also foster clear waters bustling with life, essential for sustainable tourism. Additionally, they serve as vital habitats, replenishing fisheries and acting as protective buffers against climate change impacts like coastal erosion from storms.


San Diego, Cardiff-by-the Sea, CA

SeaTrees has partnered with Nature Collective to restore part of San Elijo Lagoon in Cardiff, CA—one of California's largest wetland restoration projects. Together, they're restoring 15k sq-ft of salt marsh, eliminating invasive plants and reintroducing native species to support wildlife like the Belding’s savannah sparrow. The efforts include improving tidal circulation and infrastructure to protect critical habitats. This restoration has already seen the return of eelgrass and diverse marine life, enhancing carbon sequestration in the process.

The Return of Eelgrass

A notable attribute of this site is the natural return of eelgrass which during the right season, has returned to various spots along the lagoon. Additionally, the lagoon has also become a thriving habitat for octopuses, sea hares, and even seals, showing the diversity that can return through native restoration efforts.

Carbon Sequestration 

The ocean generates 50% of the oxygen we breathe, absorbs 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions we release, and captures 90% of the excess heat produced by these emissions.

It's our planet's "carbon sink," crucial for combating climate change. Carbon sequestration, storing carbon dioxide in the ocean, is vital. We preserve ocean health by planting, protecting, and restoring blue carbon ecosystems.

Yay, You Made It This Far!

We are a proud member of 1% for the planet, a global organization that redistributes profits from responsible businesses to environmental nonprofits to create a healthier planet.

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