Local Artist Series FW22 x Nikki Frumkin

Local Artist Series FW22 x Nikki Frumkin

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For our Local Artist Series FW22, we’ve partnered with three amazing local artists in North America: Hayley Stewart, Nikki Frumkin, and Pat Milbery. Even though all of them share a mutual love for nature, their art styles are completely different. In this series, we’ve brought to you ten mountain-inspired goggle cover designs. Let your inner artist take you on an adventure and decide which one represents you the most. 

Meet Nikki

Today, we would like to take you on a journey to the Pacific Northwest to meet Nikki Frumkin. Nikki is not only an avid skier, hiker, and climber, but she’s also a talented watercolour artist. Based in Seattle, Washington, she creates most of her paintings outside while immersing herself in nature. 

When Nikki first moved to Washington state, she was surrounded by a community of mentors and friends who brought her closer to the mountains. Nature became a great source of inspiration for Nikki. 

Source of Inspiration

To Nikki, nature and art bounce off each other - “They came together simultaneously and continue to grow and evolve”. Nikki talked about her inspiration: “I’m really interested in capturing the scale of the mountains, the movements, the light. When I’m outside, I’m taking in all the sensory input from the mountains - how the wind is traveling, how it feels on my skin. Those “big mountain feelings” are really what I’m trying to capture in my painting.” 

Through her artwork, Nikki wants to inspire people to seek and explore the world we live in - “I hope that my art makes people feel like there’s so much possibility and wonder outside and to go seek it out and care for our wild places the best we can.”

A Look into Nikki's Designs

WINTER GLACIER SOC: Glacier Peak tucked into the clouds, painted from high camp on a moody climb of the PNW volcano.

ELDORADO SOC: Nikki created this painting at high camp on the wide glacier under the ridge to Eldorado Peak.

PICKET RANGE SOC: The Picket Range is inspired by sunset in the North Cascades of Washington State.


You can shop Nikki’s beautiful, mountain-inspired designs in the Local Artist Series FW22 x Nikki Frumkin. 

Follow Nikki at @drawntohighplaces