Local Artists Series FW22 x Pat Milbery

Local Artists Series FW22 x Pat Milbery

Josh Gray |

For our Local Artist Series FW22, we’ve brought together three talented local artists: Hayley Stewart, Nikki Frumkin, and Pat Milbery. All three have a shared passion for the outdoors. Despite sharing the same source of inspiration - nature, their art styles are totally unique, creative, and different from one another. In this collection, there are ten vibrant goggle covers that you can choose from. Let your imagination fly and decide which one is uniquely yours. Express yourself on the mountains this season with our sweet designs.

Meet Pat

Today, we’re bringing you on a trip to the Rocky Mountain State, Colorado, to meet Pat Milbery, a talented artist, snowboarder, and designer. Pat was originally from Minnesota in the mighty midwest  but has spent over 20 years living in Denver, Colorado. The vivid landscape of towering mountains, serene lakes, forests, and beautiful wildlife of Colorado has really inspired and motivated him to “get out of bed every morning”, explore what life has to offer, and create something special.

Source of Inspiration

Pat spent a good chunk of his time on the mountains. To Pat, “being on a skateboard or a snowboard is one of the most beautiful feelings on earth”. From wall murals to gogglesoc canvas, Pat wants to evoke the feeling of freedom through imagination.

Through his artwork, Pat hopes that he can “share something that’s not only able to put a smile on someone’s face but also brings communities together.”

Let's take a look at Pat's designs

GOLDEN HOUR SOC: Something about the greatness of mountains inspires us to be our best selves - in this moment, I am in awe of how much the mountains have taught me and what I have yet to learn.
FREE YOUR MIND SOC: This is a winter morning moment on top of the mountain - a reminder that the sun will always shine, bringing warmth and joy even in the depths of winter.
SUN DREAM SOC: This moment was a brief pause of rest watching the sunset and admiring nature's rich color palette, which always makes the heart happy and fuels creativity.


Support Pat Milbery by checking out his three unique, vibrant, alpine-inspired gogglesoc designs from the Local Artist FW22 x Pat Milbery

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