wild eyes gogglesocs

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Design: panda soc

Dare to be wild with these fierce-looking socs.

Order 4+ products and we will donate $5 to SeaTrees.


Your gogglesoc is made from rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) recycled plastic bottles

We recognize we can't change the world alone, but by making gogglesocs from recycled plastic bottles we are doing our part to conserve our resources, and keep waste out of our landfills.

Do your part to. Make your lens last.

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Care Information

Machine washable. Wash with similar colors on normal wash cycle. Do not bleach.

Air or tumble dry. Do not iron.

Dry clean if you like... although this may be overkill for a gogglesoc. ;)


One size fits most

Cleans and protects your lenses


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  • Helmet Compatible

  • Easy On, Easy Off

  • One Size Fits All (Mostly)

  • Eco-Conscious

  • Clean & Protected Lenses

Meet the original goggle cover

Why gogglesoc?

gogglesoc goggle cover is your goggle's best friend! Built using recycled materials, our goggle lens cover is designed to protect your eyewear from the elements. Say goodbye to scratches and smudges and hello to adventure-ready lenses.

  • One Size Fits All (Mostly): gogglesoc is expertly designed to fit most goggles.
  • Cleans Lens on the Go: Doubles as a convenient lens cloth for the outside of your goggles.
  • Helmet Compatible: Compatible with helmets - safe is sexy.
  • Easy On, Easy Off: No hassle involved – gogglesoc is super easy to put on and take off.

Our Impact

At gogglesoc, one of our core values is 'it's good to be green.' We are passionate about operating responsibly and reducing our ecological footprint. From the start, it has always been our mission to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill and turn it into eyewear accessories. That is why we make gogglesoc products out of rPET fabric, a reusable and sustainable material made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

The good stuff

Check out the magic touches that make gogglesoc so great

Created by GOGGLESOC APPAREL LIMITED, the chris benchetler gogglesocs is one of our signature gogglesocs-local's. The chris benchetler gogglesocs is available throughout Canada and North America from dedicated stockists or online.

gogglesoc FAQs

What is a gogglesoc?

Meet gogglesoc, the original goggle cover. Our goggle cover is designed to be your goggles’ best friend whilst they’re not in use. It protects your ski goggles from scratches, dust, and snow or beer-induced mishaps. Goggle lens covers are an essential accessory for any skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, ensuring goggles last longer and perform at their best.

How is gogglesoc different to other goggle covers?

We're not shy about it – the gogglesoc is the OG, the trailblazer, the one that set the standard. We've been at this game longer than anyone else, and when you're after nothing but the best for your gear, gogglesoc is your top pick.

Our snow goggle covers are crafted from high-quality, stretchy, sustainable material that ensures a snug fit over your goggles. The unique design of gogglesoc goggle covers not only offers superior protection but also allows for personalization, letting you choose or create a custom goggle cover that matches your style.

Will a gogglesoc fit on my goggles?

You bet! A gogglesoc is like the Swiss Army knife of goggle covers – one size fits "most." Our snow goggle covers are designed to fit a wide range of goggle sizes and styles. The flexible material allows for a secure fit, keeping your goggles safe and scratch-free during your adventures.

When it comes to the little adventurers aged 5 and under, we recommend holding off on purchasing a gogglesoc, as gogglesoc may not fit quite right on smaller goggles.

Can the gogglesoc be worn while skiing or snowboarding?

No, the gogglesoc is designed to protect your goggles when they're not in use. It should be removed before skiing or snowboarding to ensure clear vision and safety.

What is a gogglesoc made from?

All gogglesocs are made from 88% rPET and 12% spandex. Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (or rPET for short) is manufactured using post consumer recycled plastic bottles.
We include spandex in the manufacture of our products to give gogglesocs a stretchy feel that allows them to 'cling' snugly to your goggles.

Is a gogglesoc suitable for cleaning my lens?

Yes! The microfiber fabric we use is ideal for cleaning and protecting your lens from scratches. However, note that when cleaning your goggle lens, you should avoid wiping the inside, as this surface features an anti-fog coating.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Michael Peterson
Excellent, creative way to protect your expensive goggles!

Thank you for a great, useful product!

Lost in transit

Shipment from Canada was lost. I emailed the company and got no response. Not happy at all. Service is lacking.

Dear Elena,

Thank you for your feedback. I sincerely apologize for any dissatisfaction with our service. It's important to note that we operate as a small team and do not have weekend coverage. This is why we were prompt in responding first thing on Monday. Your order is currently out for delivery today, as mentioned in my earlier email.

If you have any further concerns or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your understanding and the opportunity to address your feedback.

Many thanks,

Ted R
Avoid scratched Lenses

Great lens protector, simply pop it on during break or setup avoid scratching those expensive lenses.

Good for protecting the goggles....

Bought as a gift, it's probably the 4th one i've bought now. They're cool for protecting your goggles, especially in the ski lifts, when people accidentally drop their snowboards on your face because they're more interested in instagram than holding on to the 1.5m blade instead. Saved my expensive xenon lens several times already. Well worth the cost.

Alex C
Molto bella anche se poco pratica da mettere

Forse sono io che sbagli a metterla ma è difficile tendere l'elastico senza sporcare la mascherina con le dita, per il resto è molto bella ed utile per non rovinare le lenti.

Created by GOGGLESOC APPAREL LIMITED, the wild eyes gogglesocs is one of our signature gogglesocs's. The wild eyes gogglesocs is available throughout Canada and North America from dedicated stockists or online.

wild eyes gogglesocs

$14.95 USD

Dare to be wild with these fierce-looking socs.


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