Custom Product FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders?

Yes! We offer special wholesale pricing for customer bulk orders. However, please note that Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) apply. For detailed information on pricing structure and MOQs, reach out

What formats do you accept for logos or other graphic submissions?

All logos or other graphics need to be provided in either .ai or .eps format. These formats ensure the highest quality for printing and branding.

How do I specify the color I want for my order?

We use the Pantone color system for our products. When placing your order, please specify the Pantone color code you'd like, and we'll match it accurately.

What is the standard lead time for orders?

The lead time varies based on the product. For gogglesoc, the lead time from the date of the approved proof and receipt of payment is 6-8 weeks. For sunnysoc, it's 8 weeks. Please plan your orders accordingly.

Are there any additional charges with each order?

Yes, there are additional charges associated with our orders. Each order incurs a setup charge. Please note that for our Pro Program, there is a design fee of $100. Additionally, shipping charges may apply based on your location and the size of the order.

For further details about our pricing and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us We're here to make your custom dreams come true and to ensure transparency in all our transactions!

What if my order is more than 1000 units?

Orders over 1000 units may have extended lead times. To get a more accurate estimate for large orders, please contact us

Are you affiliated with any industry organizations?

Yes, we are a proud supplier to the Promotional Products Industry and are active members of PPAI, SAGE, and ASI.

My goggles come with a goggle bag, why is gogglesoc different?

Great question! Here's the lowdown: gogglesoc goggle cover has got your back while you're on the go. Whether you're queuing up for the chairlift, sinking après-ski beers, or touring in the backcountry, gogglesoc stands guard over your precious lenses.

What's the magic touch? Well, we're all about keeping it simple and smart – gogglesoc covers your goggles while they're right where you need them, on your helmet. So, yes, your goggles might have arrived with a bag, but gogglesoc is the cutting-edge, mountain-savvy choice that elevates your snow sports experience. It's not just a cover; it's a game-changer that keeps your vision crystal clear and your adventures unforgettable. 

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