sunnysoc FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sunnysoc sunglass case and why do I need one?

Our sunnysoc sunglass case is designed to protect your sunglasses from scratches, dust, and anything else that life throws at you. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles and it comes with a built-in lens cloth for those smudgy moments. Our sunglass covers are a must-have accessory for adventurous humans looking to keep their sunglasses in play.

How does the sunnysoc sunglass case differ from other cases in the market?

Our sunglass case is awesome due to its high-quality, stretchy, recycled material that ensures a snug fit over your sunglasses. But wait, there's more – it's got a secret weapon, a built-in lens cloth that's ready to tackle smudges and keep your sunnies in pristine condition.

Are sunnysoc sunglass case compatible with all types of sunglasses?

Our sunglass holders are designed to fit a wide range of sunglass sizes and styles. The flexible material allows for a secure fit, keeping your sunglasses safe and scratch-free. 

Heads-up: If you're rocking some seriously large frames or cycling glasses that practically double as windshields, our sunglass holders may be a tad on the small side. Unsure if your shades are too big? Grab your sunnies and a tape measure.

The dimensions of a sunnysoc holder are:

centimetres: L 18.5cm x W 8.3cm x D 1cm
inches: L7.25 inch x W 3.25 inch x D 0.25 inch

How can I get a custom sunglasses case from gogglesoc?

Yes! We have two programs to choose from for custom sunnysoc holders. Read more about the Rookie Program (MOQ of 100 units) and Pro Program (MOQ of 200 units) below or contact for more information.

How do I care for my sunnysoc sunglass case to ensure it lasts?

Caring for your sunnysoc sunglass case is simple. Machine wash it in cold water and lay it flat to dry. Avoid ironing or tumble drying to retain the elasticity and awesomeness of the design.

Where can I buy sunnysoc sunglass case?

If you’re based in North America, you can purchase our sunglass case directly from our website or from authorized retailers. If we don’t ship to your location, we’ve got you covered! Check our Store Locator page to find a retailer near you.

How does the sunnysoc sunglass case extend the lifespan of my sunglasses?

By shielding your sunglasses from potential scratches, dust, and other damages, the sunnysoc sunglass case keeps your sunglasses in play for longer.

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